2 comments on “French connections: early days

  1. Hi Graeme, I’m sorry to read about your bad experience with the wasp sting. I rode with you for a couple of days on Veloroute 1 last year after I had met you on the ferry. You may remember, my friend Gaby took me for 10 kilometers the wrong way along the Nante Brest canal. It was my first try at a cycle tour and I found your confidence and happiness very helpful and a really good start to a an enjoyable experience. I hope you can get back on the road soon and inspire more people to enjoy their bikes. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Joe

    • Hi Joe
      Great to hear from you. I remember those couple of days with a big smile and have written about it in my third book which is being edited at present. Glad to hear you well and hope you are still riding without knee problems?
      I’m just writing a follow up to the wasp article as I’ve had results from allergy tests.
      No long rides this year but really enjoying the recumbent trike and cruising brittany with Michele in June.
      Take care and stay in touch :))

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