2 comments on “Looking forwards

  1. hello graeme glad to here you have recovered from your journey and was very glad to meet you. I read your page when you got back and your whole trip seem to me like it was just what the doctor ordered it sounded wounderful. Im going back to work on wednesday been of for few weeks not been very well but on the mend had a small blood clot pass over my lung never been in pain like it but glad to say im here to tell the tale Hope the new book goes well keep your chin up breathe easy peace Vi x On 28 September 2012 17:34, Graeme Willgress – Expedition Cyclist, Author &

    • How lovely to hear from you Vi
      I’m so sorry you have been so ill. I’ll leep my fingers crossed that you are well from now on. I really ennjoyed meeting you too, and the trip was awesome. I’m recovered now and moving forwards again. Stay in touch, stay well, and I hope you have many calm crossings whilst at work.
      Graeme x

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