12 comments on “2012- Ride2Recovery2-Game on!

  1. Hi Graeme,
    Enjoyed your talk and slideshow to us North Devon Sustrans folk at Instow just before Xmas. Will try to get to the one on Feb 11th at East Yarde too.
    Re your proposed ride this year, have you worked out how many miles you will ride? Also, if you are flying back, how do you get your bike and trailer back?
    If you are interested in finding out more on the Trans America, I have a friend in Bideford who did this 2 years ago… He rode with 2 others – one American and one Australian who he’d only “met” on the Internet before the ride!
    Bob Smith

    • Thanks Bob
      Glad you enjoyed the talk. This years ride is over 2000 miles but I haven’t worked it out yet!!! All those squiggles on the Irish coast add up. The difference is the amount of hard riding, there’s much more on this years ride!!!
      The bike and trailer will fly too. I’ll hopefully be using an ‘Extrawheel’ trailer with Ortlieb rear panniers on it and the bike will wear front panniers on the rear rack, if that makes sense. It’s light and easily taken to pieces to transport. Logan Air will fly bikes on some of their flights including the one I’ll use from Lerwick to Edinburgh. Flybe fly from there to Exeter and own Logan Air, so I’ll let you know how it works out!!!
      I’m not well enough yet for ‘Trans America’ but reckon another year and that’ll have changed. I need to raise some funds for that one as I’m running out, lol. Europe is closer and a big area to explore , so we’ll see.
      I’ll look forward to seeing you at the next talk, until then, keep riding 🙂

  2. Read a bit about your ride in some cycling magazine. Sounded great ! Wondered what make/model of bike and of trailer you used ?


    • Hi Roy
      Thanks for the question. I’m riding a Santos Travelmaster 2.6 Alu (Irene), converted to a Rohloff hub and pulling one of two trailers. I used a Carry Freedom Small ‘Y’ frame for this ride and the prep’ rides were done using a Carry Freedom City trailer (it folds). I used the Y frame because I wanted to use a box to raise the rides profile. Both are excellent and may well be joined this year by an Extra Wheel trailer and Ortlieb panniers (Large panniers on the trailer and small on the rear rack) This is because I’m using trains and planes to get around. I could Use the City trailer but it’s heavy (relatively). I’ll post more on here when I get closer to the ride this year but I’ll definately be using ‘Irene’ again 🙂

  3. Have just read your piece in Cycling Plus. Good for you. Well done – a great achievement and I am looking forward to hearing about your next project.


  4. Graeme well done, you are a motivation to us all. I wish you well in your uture rides. Keep safe and return safely.

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