7 comments on “The Struggle

  1. Dear Graeme,

    I think this is only the second message we’ve sent you, which is only because I keep thinking I have actually sent more! I compose things in my head, and then never quite get around to putting them down on the laptop. What useless friends we are. I meant to leave a comment when you hit John o Groats, and then again when you hit Liverpool (with the prospect of Wales ahead). Somehow those messages never quite made it outside my head. I’m really sorry. All I can say is that, not least thanks to the Leader Board in the community centre, I think of you most weekdays (and thank God it’s you, not me, doing all that cycling).

    Krysty is now walking (was she last time I left a message?), which is good and bad. She’s more resilient to her brothers affections and attacks, which is good, but she’s also far more mobile, which is bad. She shows signs of being every bit as much trouble as her brother, and then some, but thankfully she’s also blessed with her brother’s charm (and then some). Brendan sees some of his Preschool friends (a few only 2 months older than him) move up to the Primary School next week, leaving him as one of the oldest in this final year of Preschool. I can see that pub lunches with my own daughter (as you did with yours) will arrive sooner than we think.

    So looking ahead, if Round Britain isn’t enough for you, what comes next? Round NZ? Or Round OZ? Personally I’d vote for the Isle of Man!

    Lots of love,

    Paul, Ruth, Brendan, Krystyna, Scheri (cat), Flynn & Swallow (dogs).

    • Thanks for the message, it’s good to here the brood are well and causing mayhem!! I’m pleased I dont have to do another lap , lol!! It has been a great adventure. I’ve been thinking about another ride already and have a few ideas. I’ll have to earn some pennies first though. I’ll be home a week Monday, but there will be a party at Orchard Cafe, East Yarde on Sunday afternoon with food, drink and music. I’m not sure what time I’ll arrive yet, but you are all welcome to come, as is anybody else from Hatherleigh. I look forward to seeing you when I get home All the best Graeme :-))

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  2. Hi Graham – it’s Kev (from Ullapool) Great to hear your still going strong! I’ve been following your blog ever since we met. What an inspiration… I look forward to seeing you complete your project! Sounds tough but I’m sure you’ll hang in there. There’s some good words of wisdom somewhere in that post for every adventurer!

    All the best for the rest of the trip!

    • Cheers Kev I read ‘Rock & Roll Mountains, laughed a lot and recognised a struggle overcome by determination and love of the hills that many share. Good luck if you go for the Munros in one hit. I know you are more than capable of that. More importantly, keep dreaming Cheers Graeme

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