6 comments on “Lazy Sunday Afternoon

  1. Hi G,
    Don’t you find that, not only do you need to recharge, after speaking to so many folk. You need to re-wind and replay every conversation, in your head? And folk are so fascinating, that sometimes, a bit will come back to you in the middle of the night 🙂 Every word you’ve heard is important, and seldom is it lost forever, once you’ve heard it? Or is that just me 😀 xxx

    • No, that’s quite true. I had a conversation with a retired Irishman who’d run from the troubles as a young man. It seemed so important to listen and hear his story.
      This has happened lots, people tell me intimate parts of their lives, often painful things. My brain needs time to process them and understand as well as quiet time for my mind to settle, especially when I’ve travelled through large urban conurbations 🙂

  2. Hi Graeme, you seem so far away since your drop in visit to us a couple of weeks ago!! Glad to hear the trip is giving you all you hoped it would, we regularly think of you and hope you are safe and well at the end of a day.

    Seldom can a chance meeting on a campsite in Wales give the opportunity to meet someone as dedicated to finding his own solutions to lifes turmoils be found – Graeame, we have the greatest respect for your determination and commitment and are proud to call you a friend.

    God bless from us all.

    Ashley, Judy and Tom.

    • Ashley, I’m really touched by that. I feel lucky to have met three lovely people by chance too.
      I hope you’re all well, I certainly feel a long way away now, lol. I just cleared Arbroath!!
      You take care and I hope I’ll see you all again soon

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