4 comments on “Rythm

  1. Hi Graeme. Really good to read your blog. Like you I am cycling around the coast of Britain – for a different reason – I’m raising money for cancer research – but much of what we are doing is the same. I have a friend who suffers from depression, and people don’t realise it’s an illness like the ‘flu, or measles – it’s no different. So good luck to you pal, and a following wind I hope. Keep going and enjpy the experience because you’ll be a better person when you’ve done it – or part of it, it doesn’t matter. Best wishes, Bill Honeywell

  2. Hi Petal, Any news then? How are you feeling? I would copy you an exciting pic of what I’m wearing on my head, for the Palace. Just not sure if I can!! It’s so realistic!!

    Gi me a shout when you get near Mablethorpe?

    C x

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